3D Glue

High strength glue stick for 3D printing

3D Glue makes your 3D print stick!

When 3D printing, bed adhesion problems can cause a real mess!

The 3D Glue formulation ensures the best possible bed adhesion with the easiest cleanup. The major glue brands might help a little bit… but 3D Glue solves the problem!

3D Glue does an incredible job of assuring your 3D prints stay firmly adhered to the build plate because of its high strength adhesive formulation.

See how 3D Glue keeps your 3D print securely in place...

3D Glue is not expensive.  

A large 35 gram stick will last for 50-100 regular sized prints and costs $5.99 if you buy it here, or get it even cheaper at a retailer near you. 

Ensure that the bed is properly leveled and that your print is designed in a way that is conducive to sticking to the bed. Some prints will require additional support or a raft to increase bed adhesion surface area. 

When applying glue to a hot build plate, do not inhale the fumes and use only in a well-ventilated area. 

A high strength glue stick that also works great for arts and crafts, school projects and office use.

SINGLE - $5.99

3 PACK - $13.99

20 PACK - $79.99

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